TO:                  Rossmere Shareholders & Members


                        Curling League Members


                        All Employees


FROM:             Cam B. Moskal, President


DATE:              September 27, 2018


SUBJECT:         Suspension of Curling Operations


At the last Board of Director’s Meeting held on Wednesday September 26, 2018, the Board passed a motion in favour of suspending the Club’s Curling Operation for the 2018-2019 season, effective immediately.


Over the past number of days, the Club was presented with a very unfortunate set of circumstances as it relates to the fundamental operation of the curling facility and the ability to provide playable ice sheets in a timely and realistic fashion.  Specifically, the curling rink pipes endured a major fault and dumped brine solution into the floor.  Very old galvanized pipes are located within the concrete floor and we are told by experts that these pipes, along with the header system connected to these pipes, have failed and cannot produce ice for curling.  Our curling infrastructure has long surpassed its useful life however we have been able to maintain it to a reasonable standard over the years and this is the first time we have experienced a catastrophic failure.  We have received quotes for a replacement of this system but as you can imagine, a project of this nature comes with a substantial cost – approximately $55,000, which would not provide a permanent solution but a temporary one.  A permanent solution would involve a much greater scope including re-levelling of the concrete floor and a new ice plant.


When considering the temporary solution and the cost associated with it, the other major catalyst that led us to this decision was the timing required to complete the project.  The replacement of the pipes and header, followed by the cooling of the floor and flooding of the rink, would conceivably take until early to mid-December to complete.  As our curling season generally starts in October, this course of action would, at best, negate 30-40% of the curling season.  Extending the season on the back-end was considered but is not an option for the club.


Based on the above circumstances, an in-depth review of the options available, and the current financial position of the Club, the Board was compelled to suspend our curling operation for this season.  Over the course of the next 6-8 months, we will actively explore the options available to us going forward, including access to possible funding and government grants, which do exist but will take time to materialize. 


We understand that the timing of this notice creates a considerable inconvenience for our many curling leagues and members, and I want to extend my sincere apologies on behalf of the Board of Directors.  Rest assured, that our Club’s Staff will do everything within their power to help facilitate a transition of our members to other curling clubs for the start of this season, wherever possible.  We are confident that you, our valued members and employees, will understand the Board’s decision at this time and the rationale behind it.


Decisions relating to other factors of winter operations at the Club and how this may or may not affect you will be the subject of future communications by the Board and/or the General Manager.


If you should have any questions on the above information, please do not hesitate to reach out to either Mr. Scott Parker, General Manager, or yours truly.





Cam B. Moskal




Rossmere Country Club