Fixture Card

The Ladies' Fixture card has been emailed out along with this information sheet and will also appear on the Rossmere website under the Ladies' Golf section. All events will be played on the indicated Saturdays (with Sunday being the rain date) at their designated tee times. Any Day Ladies who sign up to participate in this years events will play the Wednesday before the date indicated on the card, although it is encouraged that they come and compete on Saturdays.

All score cards must indicate handicap on the card prior to submitting to the mailbox in the Locker Room. You may not keep your own score. All cards must be signed by BOTH the competitor and the scorekeeper. One score per card please.

If you are competing in any Ladies' events this year, it is expected that you enter ALL golf scores into the computer upon completion of your round. Failure to do so does not reflect your true handicap and will result in disqualification.

The Fixture Card also lists Club Events, all of which are organized through the Pro Shop.


MAY 19th Saturday Ladies Opening Day        
26th Saturday Ladies May Medal Round
2nd-3rd  Sat - Sun ECLECTIC          
9th Saturday LOBSTER SMASH**
16th Saturday Ladies June Medal Round
21st  Thursday LABATT IT AROUND**
JULY 1st   Canada Day Tombstone Event**
14th Saturday Ladies July Medal Round
14th-15th Sat - Sun CIVIL WAR**
16th Monday PRO-LADY  (at Bridges)
21st Saturday PAR/BOGEY  
AUGUST 4th-5th Sat - Sun Club Championship Weekend**
11th Saturday TOMBSTONE   
18th Saturday Ladies July Medal Round
19th Sunday Norman Woods

PGA Tour Sundays: May 13th, June 17th, July 22nd, Aug 12th & Sept 9th

Day Ladies will play Eclectic, Par/Bogey and Tombstone the week before or after the weekend event.

**Club Events at Rossmere