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April Food & Beverage Blog

Hi everyone!

Hopefully winter was great for you, whether you ended up getting away to somewhere warm, or spending it here in the cold with us and hitting up the Sims a fair bit. Either way, it’s getting to that time of year when everyone is getting the itch for the golf season to begin! I am sure we have all been waiting by the window for the snow to melt, but here at Rossmere we have been plotting and planning for the summer.

We are doing a few upgrades to the building such as getting a new sound system that is multi-level, updating our server station and perhaps the most exciting news of all we have 2 new beverage carts coming in hopefully by the end of the month as well!

Menus have been curated and staff have been hired! We have hired 6 new staff members this year so be sure to say hello! We are really looking forward to a great and busy year with new faces & personalities!

Our new menu is set to Launch May 1st with lots of new options to be excited about! We are introducing some new bowls, and pastas and salads that are sure to make your mouth water so please make sure to check that out!

Events this month:

Our events this month are the Good Friday Scramble on April 7th, Easter Brunch on April 9th, and the President’s Dinner on April 15th (Not many tickets left!)

Please email Bailey at to book your spot for these events today while tickets last!

Staff Spotlight: Kath

Kath is one of our most beloved staff here at Rossmere, and if you’ve been around the dining room at all I am sure you’ve had an encounter with her! Kath has been at Rossmere for 6 seasons so far, and she has been serving for 15 years. She came to Canada in 2003, but she still cheers on her favorite soccer team New Castle United all the way from here! She loves travelling, going out to many different restaurants and spending time with her husband and 2 daughters. She is also planning a wedding for her daughter for this summer!

Be sure to stop in and say hello to Kath in the dining room!


I think that’s all we have for now! Please check in next Month in May! 

Thanks for reading & checking in with us! 

Recipe of the Month: Mini Egg Cheesecake


Graham crackers

Melted Butter (3/4cup)


900g cream cheese

270 g sugar

¼ tsp Salt

1 tsp Vanilla

4 eggs

160ml sour cream

160ml heavy cream

1 Cup Crushed mini eggs


Crust: Crush Graham Crackers and add butter. Mix until combined, Press into 9 inch spring mold baking pan. Bake in the oven at 350 for 8 minutes.


Whip cream cheese & sugar together til smooth

Add eggs

Add sour cream, heavy cream, vanilla, salt, sugar and crushed mini eggs

Mix until combined


Wrap base of pan in foil twice over. Bake at 325F in a water bath for 45 minutes. Garnish with Mini Eggs on top Makes a 9-inch cheesecake.