Booking FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions – COVID-19 Procedures

How early am I able to show up for my tee time?

You will be allowed access to the property up to a maximum of 30 minutes prior to your booked tee time if you are planning on using the driving range. If you plan on not using the driving range, we will only allow you on the property 20 minutes prior to your tee time.

What entrance can be used to access the property?

We ask all golfers to patiently wait at our gate near the putting green. Our Outdoor Service Representative will only allow access to the golf course after you have answered mandated screening questions and provided you integral information regarding our procedures. Please practice social distancing measures around all staff members and other golfers while on the property.

What kinds of screening questions could I expect to be asked?

These questions will ask whether you have experienced symptoms or encountered anyone experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 over the last 14 days. We will also ask whether you have travelled outside of Manitoba or Canada in the last 14 days.

What kinds of restrictions will there be for the driving range?

No golf bags will be allowed on the driving range and we ask you only take a couple of irons to warm up. Signage and pathways are setup to guide you towards the driving range. Plenty of golf balls and a clock will be setup on the driving range. We ask you to not touch the golf balls with your hands and instead use your golf club to pick a golf ball.

Where am I going once I have completed my driving range session?

Upon completion at the driving range we ask that you follow the pathway setup with signage back towards the clubhouse. Once you arrived at your golf bag to return your irons/wedges we ask you to leave your golf bag under the canopy. You may grab whatever you may need from your golf bag in order to patiently wait in our “In the Hole” area.

Where do I drop my clubs off?

Members and guests can leave their golf clubs in front of the pro shop underneath the canopy upon completion of the screening process.

Where am I going if I have chosen not to use the driving range and instead arrive 20 minutes before my tee time?

You will be asked to patiently wait in our “In the Hole” area from 20 minutes to 10 minutes from your tee time. This area is located on the south side of the putting green.

What happens if I arrive too early for my tee time?

The Outside Service Staff will ask you to wait at the gate or that you please return to your car.

What do I do 20 minutes from my tee time?

The Outside Service Personnel will ask your group to move into the “In The Hole” waiting area. Once the group in front of you has exited the “On Deck” area your group will be asked to move over to this area.

What do I do 10 minutes from my tee time?

At 10 minutes prior to tee time your group will be asked to move into the “On Deck” area. You must wait until the group clears the 1st tee before proceeding.

Will I be able to order food or request beverage service while I wait for my tee time?

Yes, you will either have to call 204-988-1540 or speak with your nearest Outdoor Representative to coordinate your request.

How can get a scorecard for my round?

We strongly encourage you to use our new scoring app developed by Chris Storozuk. For those who do not have access to the app, 1 scorecard and 1 pencil will be provided to you by our outdoor service representative upon arrival.

Will push carts be available for use on the Golf Course?

Yes, freshly sanitized push carts will be available but only once you have reached your position at the 1st tee. To request a push cart please speak with the nearest backshop employee or outdoor service representative.

Will power carts be available for use on the Golf Course?

Yes, freshly sanitized golf carts will be available but only once you have reached your position at the 1st tee. Power carts are only available for single rider’s or for 2 people who share the same household. Power carts will be given on a first come, first serve basis and cannot be guaranteed at the beginning of your round. To request a power cart please speak with the nearest backshop employee or outdoor service representative. For non-member account purchases, you must see a pro shop representative to complete the transaction prior to receiving your power cart.

Will the Pro Shop be open?

Yes, the Pro Shop will be open for small product purchases, beverage and food requests or any other inquiries. A maximum of 2 people is allowed in the clubhouse and pro shop at a time. We ask that you please respect and stay patient with this rule.

Can I purchase any golf equipment in the Pro Shop?

At this time, we have removed all large merchandise from the Pro Shop. If you are interested in purchasing certain golf equipment, please speak with our Head Professional Gavin March.

Are there any bathrooms that I can access on the property?

A comfort station and hand washing station will be available on the 1st tee. Regularly sanitized comfort stations are placed around the golf course. Clubhouse bathrooms are currently closed until further notice. These Comfort Stations can be found on Holes 6, 8/12, 10 and 14. We ask that you please sanitize and keep the bathroom clean after your use.

Where can I find bunker rakes, ball washers and chairs on the golf course?

At this time none of this equipment will be provided on the golf course. We ask that once you have completed using a bunker that you clean your area with your foot or club as best as possible. A local rule is in effect to improve your bunker lie due to infrequent bunker maintenance.

Can I pull the flag while I putt on the green and how do I grab my ball out of the cup?

We ask that you do not touch the flagstick. Special cups are in place to avoid the ball entering completely in the hole. We ask you to use 2 fingers to retrieve your ball out of the hole.

Can I order beverages or food while on the golf course?

A food and beverage cart will be available on the golf course. Limited beverages and the Express Food Menu will be available from the Beverage Cart Staff. We ask that you practice social distancing measures with the staff member running this service. You may also call 204-988-1540 or ask your Beverage Cart Staff to place a food order off our TO GO Menu. We are in the process of creating an online application to further enhance this service.

What happens after I have completed my round?

We ask you to please exit towards the parking lot from the west side of the building. This will lead you towards the parking lot and access to the golf course will no longer be permitted. Push carts and power carts must be returned to their designated areas in the parking lot.

Will there be a patio area setup for my group upon completion of my golf round?

We are currently in the process of having designated sitting areas with food and beverage service available. We will announce when this measure will be in place.