Turf Blog

The time has come to open the 6th green.  It will open officially for Men’s night this Thursday June 6th.  There will be a ceremonial opening on Wednesday afternoon for donors, volunteers, and staff that helped complete the project.  Our goal is for it to stay open for the year.  It will be mowed with a walker for the foreseeable future and rolled a lot. Only time will tell if it is ready to take the traffic of daily play.  If we need to remove it from play for a day here and there we will do so.  You can expect it to be slower than the rest of the greens and not putt as true for a while.  We will begin to train down the height of cut on the collar.  You will find the collar and approach are cut at surrounds height for now. 

Greens have been verticut and top-dressed again this week.  We will continue our “Maintenance Mondays” where events such as sanding, fertilizing, watering will happen through morning play.  Greens are now down to summer height and up to summer speeds.  We plan to roll more this year to keep greens speeds and consistency. 

We have “Sand filling” stations at the first green, 6th tee, 8th tee, 10th tee, 13th tee, 15th tee and 18th tee.  These boxes are off the tees by the benches and garbage containers.  These boxes are for filling sand bottles to repair divots on the fairways and around the course.  The smaller boxes on the tees are for filling divots on tees.  We also do seed and sand on tees Monday Wednesday Fridays. 

As usual this time of year grass and weeds begin to grow at rapid rates.  We will work to keep up with this work but are still shorthanded without our high school students.

This is probably a good time for a few friendly reminders.  Please refrain from walking between greens and bunkers with push carts.  These areas are as narrow as a few feet and tend to thin out with traffic.  Please fix balls marks, rake bunkers, and fill or replace divots in fairways. 

If you have any questions regarding this or any other report I can be reached by email.

Greg Mitchell