Simulator Leagues & Fees

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League Play

Members $375
Non-Members $425

Includes 10 league games with flexible scheduling, practice time, prizes, playoffs, priority booking, and club storage.


Book your private party or corporate event in our simulator. Includes golf, food, and drinks.

Book by calling 204-988-1532 or email

2022 Rates:

  • Hourly rate before 5PM $45
    Hourly rate after 5PM-close $49
    Bookings are in 1 hour increments and are billed accordingly.
  • 6 game league: Member $270, Non-Member $295
  • 5 game pass: $149
  • League Play
    Member League Price $375
    Non-Member League Price $425
    4 divisions include: men’s ladies, seniors, couples

All rates subject to applicable taxes.

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