Club Policies & Bylaws


Our Sim Shack allows for casual attire. Jeans, t-shirts, sweatshirts, etc are all ok.

Please bring clean, dry shoes as outdoor footwear is not permitted.


The dress code applies to all members, guests and public at all times, except when waived by Management for specific events. Members are reminded that they are responsible for the attire of their quests.

Prohibited golf attire consists of Jeans of any colour, cut-off shorts, running shorts, muscles shirts, sweat suits tank tops, sun or halter tops, strapless tops, sports team jerseys, any clothing or hats with inappropriate or rude symbols or language, plus other “very casual wear” as determined by Rossmere. Tee Shirts are not considered collarless golf shirts.

The clubhouse permits jeans to be worn only if they are clean and do not have tears in them. Hats and caps are not permitted to be worn in any service areas except if seeking “to go” service. Footwear must be worn at all times. On the golf course the appropriate golf footwear is required: this includes golf shoes, golf sandals and runners. Only non-metallic spikes will be permitted.

If you feel Rossmere Country Club may consider your choice of dress controversial, it is best to consider another clothing selection or consult the Pro shop or Office Staff.

The Board of Directors has directed the Pro Shop and Clubhouse staff to enforce this dress code and those who do not comply will be refused service and/or course privileges until the violation is corrected.

Gentlemen (of all ages)

Acceptable golf attire for men consists of slacks or tailored shorts no more than 7 inches above the knee. Shirts must have sleeves; socks may be of any length. 

Ladies (of all ages)

Women may wear slacks, tailored shorts or golf skirts no more than 7 inches above the knee. Shirts must have either a collar or sleeves and socks may be of any length.


  •  Dress code to be observed at all times.
  •  Avoid slow play and allow faster players to play through. Your position on the golf course is behind the group in front of you NOT in front of the group behind you.
  •  Replace all divots, repair all ball marks, and rake all sand traps.
  •  Keep power and pull carts 30 feet from edge of green.
  •  All property damage is the responsibility of the player.
  •  No starting at 10th tee without pro shop permission.
  •  No outside alcohol is permitted.


  •  All course yardage markers measure to centre of green: Yellow – 50 yds., Red – 100 yes, White – 150 yes, Blue – 200 yds. Black – 250 yds.
  •  Flag locations: Red – Front, White – Middle, Blue – Back


Harassment in the workplace is a form of discrimination and therefore an unlawful employment practice in the Province of Manitoba. Ross mere Country Club believes that each employee has the right to work in an environment that respects his or her dignity and well-being. Ross mere Country Club is also accountable for any proven harassment by its employees. Consequently, harassment is neither acceptable nor tolerable behaviour in the organization.

Ross mere Country Club recognizes that harassment and discrimination in its various forms violate not only the rights of the victim but also the fundamental values of Rossmere Country Club including the value it places on high standards of personal and professional integrity and responsibility. Accordingly, all members of Rossmere Country Club have a responsibility to contribute to promoting an environment in which harassment does not occur.

Harassment is defined as unwelcome and offensive comments, behaviours or actions that offend, abuse, humiliate, demean or cause loss of dignity. In the workplace, the end result of such conduct will ultimately be an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment. Comments or actions will constitute personal harassment if used to discriminate on the basis of ancestry, race, ethnic or national origin, nationality, political belief, association or activity, religion or creed, family status, sex, (including pregnancy), age, marital or parental status, source of income, sexual orientation, place of residence, physical or mental disability (providing such disability does not preclude the employee from performing the normal functions of the job), or membership. Personal harassment may be defined as repeated unconstructive, intentional and offensive comments or action designed to offend, abuse or humiliate a person, when such conduct has the purpose or effect to substantially or unreasonably interfering with an employee’s work performance or creating an intimidating, hostile or offensive working environment.

Comments or actions which constitute sexual harassment include but are not limited to: verbal abuse; remarks, jokes, innuendoes or taunting about a person’s body, attire, age, marital status, etc.; displaying of pornographic, offensive or derogatory pictures; practical jokes which cause awkwardness or embarrassment; invitations or requests whether indirect, explicit or intimidating; leering or other gestures; demands for sexual favours; unnecessary physical contact such as touching, patting, pinching, hugging, punching; physical assault; sexual coercion where an employee who refuses to submit to a social or sexual demand is penalized by loss of a job, raise, or other employment benefit.

Management has the dual responsibility of not only preventing harassment in the work place but also responding immediately to stop any activity that undermines this protocol, regardless of whether a complaint has been filed. It is also their responsibility to ensure any written complaint filed by an employee is investigated in an expeditious and confidential manner.

Employees have the right and are encouraged to take direct assertive action should they experience harassment. Employees are supported to tell the alleged offender that their behaviour is offensive and unwelcome and that they should immediately stop such behaviour. If unsuccessful in their attempts to stop the perceived harassment complaints will be submitted to the General Manager and/or chair of the disciplinary Committee. The General Manager will inform the alleged offender, that a complaint has been submitted, that they should stop the behaviour identified as offensive, and that the matter will be immediately investigated.


It is the policy of Rossmere Country Club that the responsibility for the conduct of each member and any guests (including public players) with respect to the consumption of alcoholic beverages while on the premises of the club and in operating motor vehicles following such consumption, lies with the individual member and guest. The responsibility is not the Club’s and shall not be assumed by the Club.

Members and guests are expected to conduct themselves, in respect to such consumption of alcohol, with due regard for the common good of the Club, the rights, feelings and safety of other members, their guests, other public players, and the service staff.

In accordance with its legal obligations under the Liquor Control Act of Manitoba, the Club shall instruct each of its employees who serve alcoholic beverages to refuse to serve these beverages to any person requesting this service who is in apparent violation of the law.

Whenever a person requesting this service appears to have consumed alcohol to a point of creating a potential danger or inconvenience to themselves or others within the Club premises or those outside the Club premises, they shall also be refused service. Disorderly persons shall be asked to leave the Club premises.

It is imperative that the unrestricted judgement of the Club’s employee must govern. Such refusal shall at all times be respected and complied with by the members and their guests, and other persons on the premises without adverse comment or breach of the normal decorum expected of Club members.

Any person who feels that he or she or a guest has been offended by a refusal of service of alcohol by an employee of the Club is invited to place that grievance before the Board of Directors, through the office of the Club’s General Manager, in writing.

This policy pertains to golf dues only. The club’s share maintenance fee and CARF fee are not refundable, and shall not be deferred in credit form for the following golf season.


You are asked to turn your phone to vibrate or silent or off while in the Clubhouse and one the Rossmere Country Club premises (this includes the golf course). Please use your cell phone in a manner that will not disturb others.

Cell phone or other electronic devices with photo capabilities are prohibited from use in the locker rooms or washrooms at all times.